Improve Your Circulation With Compression Stockings

Fitting you with a pair of compression stockings is our first go-to method for helping improve circulation and treat varicose veins. Compression technology has a long and scientifically proven history of promoting wellness, particularly where leg pain and venous disease are concerned. There are multiple levels of compression, from mild to prescription-strength, and we can find the right kind to suit your needs. Whether you’re doing high-intensity workouts, traveling frequently, doing a lot of walking, sitting a lot at work or just trying to make your legs feel better, compression stockings can help improve your way of life!

We only use the best to help you!

Compression stockings assist with your overall leg health. They come in many different styles and colors for your convenience and ease of use. In our office, we use Sigvaris stockings, because they are the only ISO, FDA-regulated stocking company that comes with a guarantee on their product. This ensures that you’ll be completely satisfied with your stockings and that they will work as they should.

Need A Fitting?

Your comfort is important to us. We have a certified fitter on staff to help you find your perfect pair of compression gear! We offer a varied selection of compression apparel primarily from Sigvaris Stockings, including:

  • Compression leggings 
  • Nylons
  • Sport socks
  • Sleeves and Wraps
  • Everyday socks
  • Arm sleeves

And many more!

Make An Appointment!

Having all of these options available ensures that you can find a pair of compression stockings that works for your personal needs and lifestyle. Getting fitted for them is simple and easy, and we think you’ll like how they make you feel. They may be even more comfortable than your go-to leggings to lounge around in! Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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