Ultrasound for Disease Prevention & Vein Health

At Virginia Vein & Wellness Center, we use ultrasound technology to screen for venous disease and other potential health problems. Ultrasound helps us see what’s happening within your veins and determine whether something needs to be done to improve your circulation. We use these screenings to determine risk and proper treatment methods for whatever health conditions you may be experiencing.

Carotid Screening

A carotid artery screening assesses plaque buildup in your veins that may lead to stroke. This plaque, which tends to build up in the veins over time, can create blood clots, affect the walls of your veins and decrease the efficiency of your blood flow. When a vital artery that leads to the head can no longer deliver blood and oxygen to the brain, your risk of having a stroke is greatly increased. Additionally, we suggest this screening if you have a family history and/or high risk for stroke. This screening is not covered by insurance, but is an affordable preventative wellness option in our office. This screening does not require an order from a physician.

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Venous Reflux Screening

Our venous reflux ultrasound screening assesses the condition of lower extremity veins for damage and circulation issues. Venous reflux is the reversal of blood flow and the pooling of blood in the legs that occurs as a result of valve damage, and contributes to the development of varicose veins and other venous disease. This screening is commonly used to see which vein treatments or procedures are needed to help the patient. Also, venous reflux screenings are covered by insurance and require an order from a physician.

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If you think you could be at risk for venous disease, blood clotting or stroke, contact us today to schedule a vein screening!
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